Š.Krvavac and T.Starovic

Public Health Center Stari Grad and Health Institute "Energoinvest"
Sarajevo,Yugoslavia (now Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Investigating relation between genital and respiratory Trichomonas (T)
infections,we observed 5 women with chronic cervical trichomoniasis.We chose women
with persistent infection of cervical mucus without contemporary presence of
trichomonads in upper parts of respiratory tract.Women have been told to
come to gynaecological examination in the time when they get affected by acute
respiratory tract disease with appearence of mucus hypersecretion,and then
after their regression.Wet films of cervical and nasopharyngeal smears were
stained and microskopied immediatelly.RESULTS:In 4 out of 5 examined
women, smears of nasopharyngeal mucus have shown presence of T infection in aflagellary
In 3 of these women with respiratory trichomoniasis, parasites disappeared
out of cervical mucus.After complete regression of respiratory disease  and
next menses,aflagellary trichomonads reappeared in cervical mucus. The fact that
persistent cervical  T infection spontaneously disapeared when respiratory
trichomonads appears is in complete aggrement with fact that all three
human T species elicite common immunity. More intimate contact of parasites
 with immune mechanism in these cases of lesions respiratory mucous membranes
 causes stronger immune response, that cleans trichomonads of from the
other mucous membranes. This preliminary report about competition between
genital and respiratory T infections,mediated by common immunity,indicates
a direction of research of this evidently underrated immunopathogenic  res-
piratory agent.

Presented as poster on European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS)
10th  Meeting  held in Edinburgh 10th-12th Sept 1990, ABSTRACT 32-24