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In connection with human rights, what then to say for vaccination?
It is also an intervention, which modulates and at least partially erodes child's immune integrity.
In my opinion, after full 4 decades of clinical observation of human trichomoniasis, circumcision is practice which mostly disables trichomonas colonization with its strong capacity to cause fibrosis/phymosis, as scientifically has proved BM Honigberg on experimental animals a half century ago (1961).
The foreskin that is removing is very rich, perhaps the richest in the whole body, with  the special epithelial L cells, highly potent part of  immune apparatus. If challenged by infection, they evoke antitrihomonas circulating immunity  in  highest quantity  level, capable of inducing strong local immunity (resulting in very rarely establishing infection) and destruction  of extraurogenital trichomonads (non-STI) in their typical and atypical locations, causing  autoimmune-like syndroms.
This means, the removing hyperreactive part of the immune apparatus in the foreskin,  calms or reduces reactivity of extraurogenital organs, if already colonized and sensitized by the extraurogenital trichomonads, which are considered as symbionts in  very different diseases.
From this immunobiological point of view, circumcision in the end of first postpartal week, preferable 8th day after very stressful birth and child immunity restoring and advanced separation  of foreskin from  the glans caused by child´s spontaneous early morning erections, It is the best timing, also because  of very similar immunogenic batteries of pulmo specific pseudocystic,leukocytoid Trichomonads and Pneumocystis, airborne transmissible respiratory parent´s microbe with similar, if not even identical immune  response.